Overcoming a destructive mindset

Overcoming a destructive mindset

Stop assuming that things are easy for others, but hard for you.

Nothing worth having is ever handed to someone on a silver platter. You have to work for what is yours, and recognize the power of what you have. You can spend your whole life not knowing the true value of what you have because you are blind to see it. You could spend your whole life surrounded by treasures and not know it. This is the power of the mind. This is why you must, learn to appreciate what you have. Expect nothing, but give your all.

What you feed your mind has power. The stories you tell yourself matter. The truth is, it's much easier to have a destructive mindset than a positive one. It's much easier to be entitled rather than humble, and it's much easier to blame, complain, or assume that it's easier for others and that success just falls into their hands. It's like choosing to pay $2 for a bag of greasy chips, instead of putting in the effort to make a healthy meal. Reaching for the quickest comfort, so that your mind can avoid feeling any pain.

The beliefs that you hold matter. 
The thoughts that you think matter. 

It's much easier to tell yourself that it's easier for others, but not for you, because it gives you the comfort of escaping the truth which might be that perhaps you are too scared to carve out your own path of success. So instead, you fall victim to your own entitlement. Your idea that you should achieve success with little effort. Or that if others succeed it's because they are lucky. This absolves you from ever having to try, because you've convinced yourself that there is no point, and in doing so, have failed already.

So many of us fail before we even begin, because of our mindset. It's only human to want to reach for comfort. It's only human to want to take the easy way out. But the truth is, that anybody who has climbed the path of carving out their own success, is someone who has had to make certain choices and sacrifices in life. That includes, making choices that would lead to that success, even if wasn't comfortable, convenient or easy.

What choices are you making today- that are convenient and easy, but which rob you of truly reaching your potential? What sacrifice would you have to make to pursue your goal or dream? How can you begin to change your mindset?

1) Identifying the beliefs that you have.

You must recognize the ways that you sabotage yourself before you can do something about it. You might rack your brains, wondering why no matter how much you seem to want "it", it just seems to elude you. Perhaps not realizing, that you are sitting idly waiting for it to fall into your lap. Or, that just because you made "x" amount of effort, it should have happened already. This is entitled thinking.

If you tell yourself, "it's easy for them but not for me", "they are successful because they got lucky", you are telling yourself on a deeper level that success is impossible for you, and by doing so, giving yourself an out, of not even having to try because you've already told yourself that to succeed would be an impossibility.

2) Consciously choosing to feed yourself a diet of self supportive thoughts.

It's much easier to stick to what we know. It is no secret that sticking to what we know is much easier than breaking up a habit and learning something new. This is why you have to consciously work at it, until you get used to it, and eventually it will become second nature on its own. But, you cannot expect yourself to move, if you stubbornly remain in the same spot. You cannot expect yourself to see the horizon, if you refuse to open your eyes.

3) It's only human.

Release self punishment or self inflicted shame. Being human means being beautifully flawed, perfectly imperfect. It's about working with what you have, where you are right now, and celebrating yourself as you are, not punishing yourself for failing to meet a standard of perfection which in truth, is not allowing yourself to be human. So be unapologetically human. Let yourself make mistakes. That's how you learn and that's how you grow. Release the sharp control of trying to be perfect in all that you do.

Make the effort every single day, to love yourself just a little bit more, than the day before. 

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