Feminine School: Make the *most* of your Time Being Single!

Feminine School: Make the *most* of your Time Being Single!


How to Make the most of your time being single

Your time is the most precious and valuable currency that you have. Your time being single is extremely valuable, and when used strategically, can truly help to enrich all areas of your life. In order to use this time most effectively, it's really helpful to know where to channel your energy in ways that are guaranteed to be fruitful for you. Tune in below to learn more! 

1. Developing your self and your individuality

This is where you learn and discover who you are outside of a relationship, granting you an incredibly strong foundation and library of knowledge and self-awareness which allows you to choose the correct partner. When we rush into things without knowing who you are, this makes it very difficult to know which choice is the right one because we have no established set of self-knowledge to base this choice on. Self-awareness and self-knowledge is key. 

2. Developing the lifestyle habits that support your ideal life 

Entering into a relationship with someone will not magically give you your dream life, and will not magically change you. Building the life that you desire requires effort, and building new habits requires repeated effort over a period of time and consistency. It is often when we meet a partner that we feel we can relax, and this is why it is paramount to build these habits and make these changes before entering into union, as union will not magically make those changes for you. This also helps you to build your independence so that when you do enter a relationship, you are entering from solid ground. 

3. Learning your attachment style to heal and develop a secure attachment style

Learning your attachment style will literally change your life! By learning your attachment style and becoming secure, you can break generations of ancestral trauma, and break the cycle of repeated failed relationships. Developing this self awareness can help you understand your relationship patterns, why certain things played out the way that they did, why you make the romantic choices you make, and how you can change that in order to make better and more secure and self loving choices for yourself. This information is truly priceless! 

All of these three steps are designed to help you prepare for a satisfactory union!
What are you waiting for? 

Much love,

Rusha Inara

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